Cover the difficult task of comparing ticket properties against complex rules of your airline fares and commission.



EL AL Airlines, is the national airline of Israel, transporting millions of passengers each year to 48 locations over four continents. EL-AL operates a large number of daily flights from the US and was ranked by IATA as one of the world’s three most efficient air carriers.

The Challenge:

Control commission taken by Travel Agents on millions of tickets
Reduce processing time, resources and costs of debit memos
Simplify communication between Airline and Travel Agents

The Solution Provider:

JHexagon, a leading force in Airline business solutions, is helping Airlines to assess and design their management capabilities and support their business objectives. JHexagon applications provide an in-depth look at ticket sales, commission rates, group-desk data and debit collection. They are designed to
increase benefits and retrieve fair debit from Travel Agents.

The Benefits:

Improved commission supervision and maximized profits
State-of-the-art interface that allows easy access to all ticket sales and Travel Agents
Fully automated control over debit memos through the ARC

Israel’s Largest Airlines Increased Revenues Thanks To Innovative Software Solutions


Travel Agents operating in the US can automatically charge commission on ticket sales, according to
agreements made with the Airlines. EL-AL Airlines find it necessary to supervise those contracts for
irregularities and overcharging. A few years ago EL-AL invested millions of dollars in creating a
software which would have helped the company controlling commission. But the software involved
manual input of data and was not flexible enough in response to the ever-changing market.

EL-AL was bound to use the software which was unable to automatically retrieve numerous tickets
data and could not control commission and debit memos. Irregularities and problematic charges by
Travel Agents rocketed to more than 90 percent and EL-AL paid all the Travel Agents memos, to the
last dollar. At the same time, procedures and paperwork had built up in the offices and millions of
dollars were lost. When competition became intense, EL AL decided to focus on maximizing profit and
creating in-house operational improvements for debit management.

The Airline needed a solution which will automatically read all aspects of the tickets and find even the
slightest irregularities and human errors at both ends. The company wanted to keep its current
infrastructure and incorporates a flexible, easy-to-use software, accompanied with reliable services and


EL AL partnered with JHexagon solutions and presented the existing problem. The dedicated people
at JHexagon tackled the issue with a personalized and practical approach. To help EL AL effectively,
JHexagon developed a customized web-based application service to fit the Airline needs while
exploiting the Airline’s current resources and infrastructure. Having determined the technical
requirement and creating the appropriate software, JHexagon eliminated unnecessary gaps, automated
the work load and set new standards for organizing commission control.

EL-AL updated all its database with a complete product and service package. Not only it changed the
entire interface into the efficient and user friendly Runway System, but the company also implemented
the use of ARC Sync in order to automate commission debit charge and handle all financial issues with
Travel Agents through the ARC Memo Manager.

JHexagon also introduced its comprehensive service package, providing secure backup and tracking of
all commission percentage, supervising accuracy and automatically auditing the Travel Agents for
irregularities, on EL-AL behalf.


“We started seeing incredible profit within the first use of the software,” noted Zvi Eisenberg, EL-AL Controller for North & Central America, “the airline covered all of the initial investment after two months and the numbers were amazing.” The software started debiting Travel Agents, supervising
human made errors and reducing unnecessary payments. EL-AL also provided sales data of the last
couple of years and JHexgaon charged Travel Agents for commission irregularities of past sales.
The Runway System helped EL-AL automate its outsourced ticket supervision and provided easy
access to all ticket sales and Travel Agent information. The employees are now free from manual
intervention. and by using the ARC Sync, EL-AL can automatically issue debit memos to Travel
Agents accounts on the ARC platform.

“We understood immediately that the program will not send debit charges unless it is a 100 percent sure
of irregularities,” said Mr. Eisenberg. “The service only supervises what is fair to the travel agents and
the airline while fixing human made mistakes.” Every debit memo is now issued with accurate and
detailed information, in order to prevent further questions and correspondence.
JHexagon software solution packages were incorporated in EL-AL branches throughout the United
States. Every branch has improved outsourced tickets income while automatically supervising
irregularities, increasing accuracy and productivity. “JHexagon helped us generate trust,” states Mr.
Eisenberg, “Travel Agents learned that they should be more careful with their commission and charges
because mistakes are easily found.”

Get the money you deserve, down to the penny.

At JHexagon, we leverage our extensive experience to provide a comprehensive, diverse, and flexible
range of solutions that empower and optimize every aspect of your business. Airlines of all sizes can
improve performance, reduce costs and most importantly, gain the ability to supervise and respond to
all ticket sales and commission.

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