Cover the difficult task of comparing ticket properties against complex rules of your airline fares and commission.


We help you recover money. It’s that simple.

Some service companies will make you change the way you do business. Others will tell you to cut expenses or settle for quality in order to maximize profit. We’re not going to that. At JHexagon, a leading force in Airline business solutions, we will show you how your business can save millions of dollars by providing a simple solution for an existing problem. A problem that costs your business a lot of money.

What is the Problem?

Numerous airline tickets are sold each day through different channels. What if we told you that statistics show that 1% of your revenue is lost due to errors in ticketing? Invalid tariffs, penalties not applied, insufficient fare amounts, inappropriate commission, incorrect fuel charges and other transactions can easily go wrong.

This money is missing from your bottom line. Do you have control over charges made by your travel agents or employees?

What is the Solution?

It doesn’t matter if you sell one ticket or one million. Every dollar counts. To minimize loss, action must be taken internally and externally. Our auditing service performs the difficult task of comparing the ticket properties against the complex and diverse rules of your airline fares and commission structure.

The objective is to detect discrepancies and to provide a detailed explanation of the right course of action.

How do we do it?

In addition to locating errors in fare calculations, sales, exchanges, MCO, refunds and other discrepancies, we also dive into the GDS (Global Distribution System) and look for irregularities such as no-shows, disqualified discounts, misuse of credit cards and differences between reservations and bookings, creating a comprehensive audit that covers all loose ends.

While you cannot debit your employees, they should be informed of their mistakes in order to prevent further errors in the future.
As for travel agent errors, we can recover the money for you by issuing detailed debit memos. We correspond with the travel agent and issue a debit memo on behalf of your company.

And you? We know that you have better things to do.

Products and Services

Our solution is comprised of two components: products and services.
Amit 3 is the product that facilitates the airline in terms of monitoring debit memos and is a complete mirror image of your your MMS (Memo Management System). This product is a state-of-the-art web based application that is also an easily accessible hub for all your departments, a hub that provides all the data of your tickets and travel agents.

The service is the actual analysis we provide to detect discrepancies.
You can use our product, our service, or better yet – both.

You have a problem. We have the solution.

At JHexagon, we leverage our extensive experience to provide a comprehensive, diverse, and flexible range of solutions that empower and optimize every aspect of your business. Airlines of all sizes can improve performance, reduce costs and most importantly, gain the ability to supervise and respond to all ticket sales and commission.

Feel free to browse our case-studies and learn how we helped major Airlines to profit and recover millions of dollars.