What Do We Audit?

In-depth look on ticket sales, commissions, fare calculations, exchange refunds, taxes, discounts and all variables.

What is Flight Ticket Audit?

“Flight Ticket Audit” refers to the monumental task of scrutinizing each of the thousands of tickets an airline sells each day. One of JHexagon’s key functions is to ensure that ticket sales are processed correctly and that the travel agent or the airline employee performed the task with no errors.

The business of selling flight tickets is extremely complex. Each ticket is a contract, and each contract defines a set of rules and restrictions. Those restrictions are enforced meticulously with our systems to ensure that the airline receives the exact amount owed.

How often do mistakes happen?

Statistics show that 1 to 2 percent of the entire airline industry’s revenue is lost due to mistakes in ticketing, incorrect refunds/exchanges, inappropriate commission, etc. This amount sometimes represents the thin line between making a quarter’s profit or loss.

How do we prevent them?

At JHexagon we are constantly looking for new ways to improve end-results and to better serve the airline business. Whether an error results from lack of product knowledge or circumventing the system, nothing can pass by us – we look for everything.

What We Audit?

Commission Discrepancies: Commission contracts can be highly complicated and contain many variables. Can you detect  the slightest deviations? We certainly can.

Commission Exchange Audit – Are you in total control of additional commission taken by travel agents on exchange tickets? We most definitely are.

Tariff Audit Sale/Exchange/Refund - Is the fare combinable with other fares? Any violations of minimum or maximum stay? We can tell you.

Discounts: Has the family discount being applied correctly? Does the passenger meet all the criteria of a senior citizen or a valid companion? And what about student, child or infant discounts? JHexagon can check them all.

Credit Card - IATA regulations clarify that a travel agency cannot use its own credit card to purchase a ticket (mainly to prevent fraud or bankruptcy). Does your airline keep track of travel agent’s credit card use?

No-Show – Every airline has defined penalties on no-show scenarios and we tightly enforce them by delving into your GDS in DCS mode.

Reservations vs. Bookings – Did the travel agent make a reservation in RBD H and ticketed in T? We can answer this question for you.

Exchange Name Audit - Did the exchange of ticket also change the passenger’s name? Does the ticket say non-transferable?

Group NET / Special Fare - Does your airline provides a special fare for a group? Do you allow deviations? Are restrictions such as min/max stay being followed?

At JHexagon, we know how to deal with all of the above, making sure there are no loopholes and that no agreement is being breached.