JHexagon’s IT strategy and architecture services intended primarily to help you establish a business-driven approach to management of IT-enabled business services and infrastructure architecture. We can help you identify opportunities for improved quality, reduced risk, reduced costs, and greater business value. Strategy and Planning services generate a roadmap of clearly defined projects that designed to extract more value from your existing assets. This roadmap allows you to support the deployment of business-driven projects, like SOA initiatives.

Business-Projects that leverage technologies can have significant implications for the infrastructure and the management capability to support complex service configurations. We can help you better understand these implications and build a roadmap to achieve your goals faster, easier and with a collaborative approach that uses best practices and proven methods.
As part of our service package, JHexagon offers reliable backup and recovery solutions. We know how your data is valuable to you and when we partner together, our promise is to keep your information safe, secure and encrypted. JHexagon offers optimized support and one click data recovery so you can be confident that your business data is always safe and in hand to restore.