JHexagon servers are Linux based – a standard in the enterprise industry. We use extremely secured, state-of-the-art servers, which allow easy access from all over the world. Your information will be stored on a private server and all of your Airline branches will be able to reach the desired information in one click, without the hassle of unnecessary correspondence and paperwork. All of your information is secured under SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) verified by veriSign, and allows safe communication across the network, with endpoint authentication and communication confidentiality.


As part of our service package, JHexagon offers reliable backup and recovery solutions. We know how your data is valuable to you and when we partner together, our promise is to keep your information safe, secure and encrypted. JHexagon offers optimized support and one click data recovery so you can be confident that your business data is always safe and in hand to restore.

We offer:

  • Compression and encryption of every file that goes through our system.
  • Fully automated process ensuring timely data backup.
  • Secure transfer of fully encrypted files to an off site location out side the US.
  • Rapid data recovery and customer support.

While other backup services require manual intervention, JHexagon offers fully automated online backup solution. The files are encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 128 bit) which is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) to encrypt top secret information. The files are then stored in different servers around the world and available for immediate and smooth recovery in just a matter of minutes.