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JHexagon services deliver a comprehensive range of business solutions, designed especially to help Airlines reduce costs and improve commission control. To help you effectively exploit your current resources and infrastructure, JHexagon Solutions offer personal consulting services with custom tailored web-based applications and services, to fit your Airline special needs.

Teaming with JHexagon consultants, and by implementing our solutions into your current system, you gain the opportunity to benefit from our specialized knowledge of the Airline business.

Solving the complexities of the industry

At JHexagon, we believe that every dollar should fall into the right place. That is the reason why we know tickets inside out. Our job is to look at each and every ticket and make sure that your Airline receives its fair share of the trade. We have the reputation for delivering high quality auditing services, designed and proven to regain you millions of your lost dollars.
Travel Agents charge commission when a ticket is sold. But this is not the end of it. There is a commission for changing dates. There is a commission for changing destinations. There is a commission for upgrades and downgrades and there is a commission for canceling. There is also commission taken through back doors and loopholes and there is never enough time to supervise each aspect of the commissions.

This is where we come in. JHexagon keeps track of all commission percentage, before and after the ticket is sold, supervise commission accuracy and automatically audit the Travel Agent for irregularities, on your behalf. We can check commission debts dated years back. JHexagon will retrieve past contracts and documented ticket sales directly from the ARC and make sure that you get the money you deserve.


  • Ensure highly reliable and accurate commission management
  • Deliver faster, automated debit memos without intervention
  • Gain control of outsourced ticket sales and generate trust
  • Centralized, instant and customized solution strategies

JHexagon Services and solutions are SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based, which means that we do all the work while you sit back and enjoy the profit. Our software and products communicate with each other and we know how to orchestrate them best. After JHexagon will build specially designed software and run your custom made algorithm on its servers, you will receive fully detailed information, whether it concerns commission percentage or weekly statistics, we got you covered. JHexagon Services will take full responsibility for achieving your business goals and deliver exceptional end-results.
JHexagon also offers a variety of unique products, programs and software to fit your business management.

  • PFCs

    Our objective is to scrutinize every PFC in every ticket in a reasonable timeframe and deliver accurate results

  • What Do We Audit?

    In-depth look on ticket sales, commissions, fare calculations, exchange refunds, taxes, discounts and all variables.

    What Do We Audit?
  • Strategy

    JHexagon’s IT strategy and architecture services intended primarily to help you establish a business-driven approach to management of IT.

  • Hardware and Backup

    JHexagon offers reliable hardware, backup and recovery solutions, so your business data is always safe and in hand to restore

    Hardware and Backup