Comprehensive Web-based application that enables effective monitoring of all ticket sales and accurate commission control.


Amit3 is a comprehensive Web-based application that enables strategic and effective monitoring of all ticket sales and accurate commission control. With an easy-to-use interface which allows immediate access to all external contracts and Travel Agents’ reports, Amit3 puts you in total control of your business. As we are confronting the most challenging economic climate in a long time, the Amit3 platform can help you maximize profit and enhance income through advanced debiting methods.

Amit3 application presents a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy that is designed especially for the airline industry. Amit3 is safe, secure, and once installed, it will upgrade the way you monitor ticket sales by presenting you with detailed information of all contract and itinerary aspects.

JHexagon Runaway is the only application that confronts the problem of outsourced ticket supervision, and presents a complete, state-of-the-art solution:

  • Commission Management – Complete control over Travel Agents commission percentage and debit status whether canceled, closed or disputed, opened or waved.
  • Information Management – Amit3 allows easy access to Travel Agents’ accounts showing database, profile and sales through local and associate branches.
  • External Agents Management – Offers detailed view of all tickets and contracts deals processed by the Travel Agents’ accounts, including all tickets sold, refund tickets, credit and outstanding debit.
  • Accounting Management – Amit3 integrates data from multiple sources and automatically issues analysis, journal vouchers, invoices and reports.

Our system’s ability to retrieve incorrect commission and issue debit memos to Travel Agents has no match in the industry.

  • Easy access to Travel Agents accounts.
  • Flexible data integration.
  • Detailed view of all tickets and contracts.

Using Amit3, you can simplify, control and automate the database of your Airline including outsourced ticket sales and correspondence with Travel Agents.