Reports Generator

JHexagon Reports Generator (RP) is a program designed to automatically produce timely statistics reports based on your ever-changing database. RP allows you to organize data from several databases and resources into one comprehensive report. This application automates the production of reports and sends valuable information directly into your mailbox. You will be able to visualize complicated sales numbers and figures, oversee recurring patterns and gain deeper understanding of bookings, sales and cancellations.

The RP application shows not only dry facts and numbers, but also analyzes and visualize critical data and allow access to specific information such as:

Contract Reports provide a list of unsettled contracts. The system presents a concise list of customers that did not respond to pending contracts and automatically issue email regarding the matter.

Cancellation Reports provide detailed explanation of all ticket and group cancellations. The report presents all data regarding cancellation including detailed reasons, whether financial, political or personal.

Accounting Reports provide automatic synchronization of all relevant branch databases with the Airline head-office. These reports are easily transferable to colleagues, management and business partners.

The use of the RP application also provides your business with a safe, secure back-up tool. DAEMON retrieves the database on a daily basis, compress the information and encrypt the file using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 128) which is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) to encrypt top secret information. The files are then stored in different servers around the world and available for intimidate recovery in a matter of minutes.