Incentive Management

JHexagon’s IM (Incentive Management) application allows you to enhance Travel Agents sales by positive incentive. Besides billing and debit, we know that Travel Agents are an integral part of your ticket sales. Incentives programs or Appreciation programs enhance their motivation and push the Travel Agents to take that extra step for your Airline.

Incentives and appreciation should be synchronized with individual results and revenue. There is no one sum that fits all and each and every Travel Agent show different results and achievements. JHexagon IM monitor the Travel Agent ranking and production, report current revenue, anticipated revenue, and if the incentive target is soon to be met, the Travel Agent will be rewarded.

JHexagon IM provides accurate calculations of sales commissions and incentives. It provides your airline secure, in-depth visibility into each and every detail of the business. It’s more than the amount of money made. It’s also about uplifts, number of passengers, groups, and overall target.

JHexagon IM allows you to:

  • Enhance Motivation by keeping Travel Agents satisfied by real time incentives which increase their productivity.
  • Play Integral Role in Sales by creating and modeling sales plans, setting goals for outside agencies, gaining flexibility and seeking revenue in emerging markets.
  • Gain Financial Control in a click of a button. Set incentive standards and supervise all complex incentive payments, long and short-term.
  • Alert Incentive Overpayment and irregularities, increase efficiency and reduce costs

JHexagon IM application can be modified and customized with your business needs and infrastructure.
We also offer a complete service package that accompanies this application, click for details.

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