Group Management

JHexagon Group Management is a secured web application designed to manage large scale group contracts. Traveling groups are a substantial source of revenue, but dealing with numerous subcontracts and group deviations can be a time consuming job. The booking is problematic, as no group is the same as the other and every group has its own number of cancellations, deviations and changes. When booking groups is in the hands of Travel Agents, it is extremely hard to keep track of all itinerary changes and debits.

Group Management is a user friendly, real-time application which integrated with your database allows the end user to input group information, track changes in group contracts, review patterns in group statistics, view group reports and improve group management efficiency through history and data retrieval. The Group Management interface provides an accessible visual layout of each group, starting from the moment it was created and following each in every change in the group history, until embarkation.

Main benefits:

  • Automated track on group evolution
  • Process and visualize all ticket aspects including split groups and itineraries
  • Calculate cost and profit on each group
  • Issue detailed debit memos to Travel Agents
  • Reduced processing time, resources and costs

The Group Management can also provide a convenient CRM tool when dealing with Travel Agents. As an effective information retrieval application, Group Management allows the end user to gain control of important sales data, view Travel Agent’s profile and specific sales history. The data can be used for future contracts and negotiations with the Travel Agents, including pricing and incentives.

As any other JHexagon product, the Group Management application can be modified and customized to your business needs and infrastructure.

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