ARC Sync

ARC Sync incorporates the Amit3 application and the ARC Memo Manager in order to create a powerful commission monitoring tool. ARC Sync operates as a MGW (Media Gateway) between Airlines and Travel Agents. The application converts debit memos into XML files and stores the data in a safe repository of the ARC Memo Manager. ARC Sync allows your company to bypass any software or middleman, and directly communicate with Travel Agents over a secure web-based application.

The ARC Memo Manager provides ARC Sync, a channel to ARC participating travel professionals and carriers, where they can electronically process and settle memos. This one-step application allows processing of both debit and credit memos, two-way communication, and electronic payments. ARC Sync synchronizes commission irregularity debits, open ADM’s with the ARC Memo Manager and automatically notifies Travel Agents about outstanding commission debt.

The ARC Sync can be integrated into any existing software that inspects Travel Agents memos and add a convenient, efficient and automated billing tool.

Main benefits of ARC Sync:

  • Automatic billing system involves no third party.
  • Reduced processing time, resources and costs.
  • Simplified communication between Airline and Agents.
  • Improve debt collection and generate Trust

A Travel Agent debit causes an external and internal problem. The ARC Sync system regulates errors automatically and leads to a decrease in inaccurate commission and debits. Even the slightest of errors is found, debited and Travel Agents become more aware of incorrect billing and commission irregularities.

ARC Sync, designed for Green management

Paper, bills, postage and more paper are a major part of your business, especially when it comes to debit. ARC Sync is designed to fit the paperless office by utilizing a virtual platform for business. There are no follow up letters, reminders, checks or receipts, every debit memo is processed electronically while postage and mailing costs are cut entirely.

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ARC in a few words

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is a convenient communication tool between Travel Agents and Airlines, providing transaction settlement and data information services. Carriers across all the transportation industry, such as airlines, travel agencies and railroads use the ARC platform to process settlements and contracts. The system is completely automatic and more than 170 airlines and railroads around the world use the ARC system for ticket distribution and settlement, processing more than $80 billion annually.

The ARC Memo Manager eliminates the need to manually enter memo data, allows you to work online in order to accept or dispute memos, attach and share supporting documentation and settle memos via IAR sales report. Using the ARC Memo Manager is proven to improve cash flow through on-line payments and faster communication, provide immediate access to the status of a memo and reduce processing time and costs. Your Airline will have an easy access to data for analysis and will simplify communication between different branches.

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