JHexagon Business Management suite helps your Airline assess and design its management capabilities and support your objectives. We leverage our extensive experience and provide a comprehensive, diverse, and flexible range of solutions that empower and optimize every aspect of your business. Our applications provide an in-depth look at ticket sales, commission rates, group-desk data and debit collection.

JHexagon solutions has helped international Airlines to regain millions of dollars using facilitated tool strategies that provide:

  • Monetary Control – Improve commission supervision and maximize profit.
  • Improved quality - State-of-the-art interface that allows easy access to all contracts and itineraries processed by Travel Agents, including all tickets sold, refund tickets, credit and outstanding debit.
  • Centralized Information – Create one comprehensive and detailed database system and securely back-up all database on a remote site.

By using JHexagon products, solutions and services, you can identify various inefficiencies even in the smallest subcontracts, and gain the capability to utilize your existing database as a secure, financially profitable monitoring tool.

Learn more about JHexagon products and see how they can work for your business:

  • Amit3

    Comprehensive Web-based application that enables effective monitoring of all ticket sales and accurate commission control.

  • ARC Sync

    ARC Sync incorporates Amit3 with ARC and creates a powerful commission monitoring tool.

    ARC Sync
  • Group Management

    A secured web application designed to manage large scale group contracts.

    Group Management
  • Incentive Management

    JHexagon’s IM (Incentive Management) application allows you to enhance Travel Agents sales by positive incentives

    Incentive Management
  • Reports Generator

    JHexagon Reports Generator (RP) is designed to automatically produce timely reports based on your ever-changing database.

    Reports Generator