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November 21st, 2014

Big Data with MongoDB

The questions should always be: what is the right tool for this job? And when it comes to container that has NoSQL – there’s no question mark. It’s mongoDB!
Finally, an A+ product to serve our millions of concurrent transactions without the complexity of a SQL database with a hibernate layer. So here we have a huge container that we dump all our data in and we can access it in a fraction of second. The idea behind mongo is that we can ‘tag’ our data and later retrieve it easily without the hassle of writing code of a ‘structure query language’. So when do we use it? Our robots are constantly ‘writing’ data to one central nerve system and it grows very fast; other robots querying for data to ensure 0 mistakes or duplications. Images for future reference are ok to be stored and retrieved very fast. Consider finding a ticket itinerary of a passenger in tens of millions of segments in few millisecond. This is the right tool for this job! Big Data – no problem.