JHexagon Showcases Sophisticated Auditing at ARC Conference

Dror Guzman, JHexagon CEO

JHexagon, a leading provider of airline software solutions, was the spotlight of last week’s ARC conference that took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. JHexagon showcased its flight ticket auditing capabilities, a specialty that helps airlines recover millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Dozens of airline representatives were present at the conference that focused on fraud prevention. Dror Guzman, CEO of JHexagon and a key speaker at the conference showcased its vast coverage of all ticket auditing aspects, starting from commission discrepancies, tariff audit, discounts, credit cards, no show, reservation vs. booking, group NET and exchange name audit.

Offer Gat, EL-AL V.P. of Global Sales, took the stage and supported JHexagon’s auditing methods by displaying recovery of over $2 million on the airline’s North American route.

“Recovering revenue loss was our second objective,” said Mr. Gat, “What really mattered was to see a decrease in the amount of debit memos issued over time. With Hexagon we achieved both objectives.”