Analyzing Data Powered by R

How do you analyze your data to get the ‘big picture’? When dealing on a daily basis with millions pieces of data it’s important for us to use the right tools to facilitate needs such as computational statistics, data mining and visualization.
R is an integrated suite of software that does exactly that. It goes far beyond the traditional bar chart and line plot and can create and present quick analysis of complex data with beautiful and unique data visualization. The visualization help us to support and present to our clients any complex analysis and draw a meaning to the data.
Our task of data analysis using R is important since it helps us to identify patterns that might otherwise not be apparent using other tools. For example: we analyzed all the debit memos we issued since 2006 and by using a polynomial regression function in R we found a pattern of decrease in the number of errors travel agents are doing when issuing tickets over time due to our audit control service we perform. This is great news for the airline!
This is not the only reason why we chose R as our main tool for data analysis. The R environment allows us an easy and direct access when connecting to the database. There is no need to export from a database and then import it. With R you can simply query directly from your database and saving tens of thousands of lines in microsoft excel.