What we do

JHexagon is a software company located in Wall-Street New York and engaged in the airline industry. We develop proprietary algorithms that have the ability to detect irregularities and recover revenue for your airline. We provide an in-depth look at ticket sales, commission rates, fare calculations, exchange refunds, taxes, discounts and other variables to ensure your travel agents or employees performed their job correctly.

Our service is a mix of proprietary algorithms, in-depth analysis and expertise in the field of computer science, math and the airline industry.

Products and Services

  • Solutions

    Cover the difficult task of comparing ticket properties against complex rules of your airline fares and commission.

  • What Do We Audit?

    In-depth look on ticket sales, commissions, fare calculations, exchange refunds, taxes, discounts and all variables.

    What Do We Audit?
  • PFCs

    Our objective is to scrutinize every PFC in every ticket in a reasonable timeframe and deliver accurate results


About Us

Founded in 2004 in New York City, JHexagon provides comprehensive technology solutions, services and products for the airline business. Our software solutions are currently in use in major airlines, security firms, and travel agencies worldwide.

JHexagon, Inc. offers a wide variety of services in a number of technology related areas …more about us…

Returning revenue loss was our second objective. What really mattered was to show a decrease in the amount of debit memos issued over time. After working with JHexagon we achieved both objectives.
Offer Gat, EL-AL V.P. Global Sales